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Why fill your own empty vegicap or gelatin capsules at home?

It's safer. When you fill your own, you know exactly what goes into them. You can choose not to put any fillers, bulking agents, colourants or preservatives into your own empty capsules.

It's cheaper. A name brand of something like Cayenne Pepper will cost about R150 per bottle of 100 capsules. Filling your own with the same amount of Cayenne Pepper will cost you R50 if you use gelatin capsules, R60 if you use vegicap capsules - a substantial saving.

It's tasteless. It is common knowledge that the hot and humid conditions in the tropics host a plethora of diseases, which is why communities that live in the tropics consume large amounts of spices. They have learned that spices help protect them from disease because they are exceedingly rich sources of antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant compounds, which the plants use to protect themselves. If you want to gain the same level of protection from these spices, you might find the taste disagreeable - but you can easily consume more beneficial spices by filling your own empty capsules.

It's specific. There are a multitude of herbs and spices which you may want to consume, because they may address a specific condition you have. Often, there are no commercial capsules or pills available for the herb or spice you may want. You may also not be able to find an appropriate blend of spices to fulfill your need. By filling your own capsules, you can mix any blend, to your exact specification.

It's child friendly. If you feel your children are not consuming enough healthy, whole foods, it is a simple matter to fill tasteless capsules with powdered organic vegetables, herbs or spices. A bitter medicinal tablet or pill can easily be broken in half and inserted into an empty capsule to make medicine taking easy for a child.

It's organic. You can buy only organic herbs and spices, so you can rest assured that your capsules do not contain any pesticide, fungicide or herbicide residue. By filling your own capsules with organic herbs and spices, you are also assured that they have not been irradiated, as most commercially available herbs and spices are.

It's convenient. Eliminate that trip to the pharmacy when you run out. It takes little more than 2 minutes to fill 24 gelatin or vegicap capsules at home, so you need never run out of your favourite supplement.

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